14th International Conference on Runtime Verification

September 22 - September 25, 2014 Toronto, Canada


Monitor Collection Phase (April 15, 2014 -> July 1, 2014)

In this phase, competitors provide monitored versions of programs or traces. Participants decide to compete on a pair (program_id, property_id). In this phase a contribution takes one of the two forms below depending on whether a program or a trace is monitored.



  1. monitor, where a monitor is given by
    1. a script to run the unmonitored program
    2. a script to run the monitored program
  2. property-id-list

  3. program source code

A contribution consists of a the source of a program and  a list of pairs of program and property identifier. That is, a contribution is related to a program and contains monitors for the properties of this program. Each monitor is related to one property. A monitor consists of two scripts, one for building the (monitored version of) the program, one for running the monitored version of the program.