14th International Conference on Runtime Verification

September 22 - September 25, 2014 Toronto, Canada



  • Simon Varvaressos, Kim Lavoie, Sebastien Gaboury and Sylvain Hallé. Multiple Ways to Fail: Generalizing a Monitor's Verdict for the Classification of Execution Traces


  • Clemens Ballarin. Two Generalisations of Roşu and Chen's Trace Slicing Algorithm A
  • Jiannan Zhai, Nigamanth Sridhar and Jason Hallstrom. Supporting the Specification and Runtime Validation of Asynchronous Calling Patterns in Reactive Systems
  • Emmanouil Koukoutos and Viktor Kuncak. Checking Data Structure Properties Orders of Magnitude Faster
  • Aravind Sukumaran-Rajam, Juan Manuel Martinez Caamano, Willy Wolff, Alexandra Jimborean and Philippe Clauss. Speculative Program Parallelization with Scalable and Decentralized Runtime Verification
  • Christian Colombo and Yliès Falcone. Organising LTL Monitors over Distributed Systems with a Global Clock
  • Erdal Mutlu, Vladimir Gajinov, Adrian Cristal, Serdar Tasiran and Osman Unsal. Dynamic Verification for Hybrid Concurrent Programming Models
  • David Basin, Germano Caronni, Sarah Ereth, Matúš Harvan, Felix Klaedtke and Heiko Mantel. Scalable Offline Monitoring
  • Anand Yeolekar. Improving dynamic inference with variable dependence graph
  • Laura Bozzelli and César Sánchez. Foundations of Boolean Stream Runtime Verification
  • Stefan Mitsch and André Platzer. ModelPlex: Verified Runtime Validation of Verified Cyber-Physical System Models
  • Johannes Geist, Kristin Y. Rozier and Johann Schumann. Runtime Observer Pairs and Bayesian Network Reasoners On-board FPGAs: Flight-Certifiable System Health Management for Embedded Systems
  • Kim Lavoie, Corentin Leplongeon, Simon Varvaressos, Sebastien Gaboury and Sylvain Hallé. Portable Runtime Verification with Smartphones and Optical Codes
  • Adel Dokhanchi, Bardh Hoxha and Georgios Fainekos. On-Line Monitoring for Temporal Logic Robustness
  • Jeff Huang, Cansu Erdogan, Yi Zhang, Brandon Moore, Qingzhou Luo, Aravind Sundaresan and Grigore Rosu. ROSRV: Runtime Verification for Robots
  • Qingzhou Luo, Yi Zhang, Choonghwan Lee, Dongyun Jin, Patrick Meredith, Traian Serbanuta and Grigore Rosu. RV-Monitor: Efficient Parametric Runtime Verification with Simultaneous Properties